Abbey Hill School and Performing Arts College
Abbey Hulton Primary School
Alexandra Infants School
Alexandra Junior School
Ash Green Primary Academy
Ball Green Primary School
Belgrave St Bartholomew's Academy
Bentilee Nursery
Birches Head High Academy
Burnwood Community School
Burnwood Nursery School
Carmountside Academy
Christ Church CE(C) Primary School
City Music Service
Clarice Cliff Primary School
Co-operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent
Crescent Academy
Eaton Park Academy
Etruscan Primary School
Forest Park Primary School
Gladstone Primary Academy
Glebe Primary Academy
Goldenhill Primary Academy
Grange Nursery School
Greenways Primary Academy
Grove Academy
Hamilton Infant Academy
Hanley St. Luke's CE(A) Primary
Harpfield Primary Academy
Haywood Academy
Heron Cross Primary School
HI Resources Base at The Willows Primary
Hillside Primary School
Holden Lane Primary School
Jackfield Infant School
Kemball Special School
Kingsland C.E. Academy
Kingsland Nursery School
Maple Court Academy
MERIT Pupil Referral Unit
Mill Hill Primary Academy
Milton Primary Academy
Moorpark Junior School
New Ford Primary Academy
Newman Catholic Collegiate
Newstead Primary Academy
Northwood Broom Academy
Norton-le-Moors Primary Academy
Oakhill Primary School
Ormiston Horizon Academy
Ormiston Meridian Academy
Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy
Our Lady and St Benedict Catholic Primary Academy
Our Lady's Catholic Primary Academy
Packmoor Primary School
Park Hall Primary School
Portland School and Specialist College
Priory CE(C) Primary School
REACH Pupil Referral Unit
Saint Nathaniel's Academy
Sandford Hill Primary School
Sandon Primary Academy
SLCN Resource Base at Sneyd Green Primary School
Smallthorne Primary School
Sneyd Green Primary School
St George & St Martins Catholic Academy
St Joseph's College Academy
St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy
St. Augustine's Catholic Primary Academy
St. Gregory's Catholic Academy
St. John's CE(A) Primary School
St. Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy
St. Maria Goretti Catholic Academy
St. Mark's CE (A) Primary School
St. Mary's Catholic Academy
St. Mary's CE(A) Primary School
St. Matthew's Church of England Academy
St. Paul's CE(C) Primary School
St. Peter's Academy
St. Peter's Catholic Primary Academy
St. Teresa's Catholic Academy
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Academy
St. Thomas More Catholic Academy
St. Wilfrid's Catholic Academy
Star Primary Academy
Stoke Minster CE (A) Primary Academy
Stoke Studio College for Construction and Building Excellence
Stoke Studio College For Manufacturing and Design
Summerbank Primary School
Sutherland Primary Academy
The Discovery Academy
The Excel Academy
The Meadows Primary School
The Willows Primary School
Thistley Hough Academy
Thomas Boughey Nursery School
Trentham Academy
Watermill Special School
Waterside Primary
Westfield Nursery School
Weston Coyney Junior School
Weston Heights Infant School
Whitfield Valley Primary Academy